About Us

When a good friend lost his savings during the real estate crisis of ’07, myself along with two friends looked for a solution.  While none of us had the ready cash to restore his savings, we looked for alternative ways to invest and generate cash.


As time marched forward, we realized that not only did our friend lose everything, countless thousands of Americans were left in the same boat.  Many had saved for years, only to find the value of their retirement money dwindling in value, dreams were dashed, and entire lives knocked off course.

This happened while others, the one percenters, made millions, sometimes billions from the tragedy of others.  Collectively we felt there had to be a better way to invest and diversify their holdings so everyone could reach their dreams, retiring with dignity, or simply living life on their terms.

With that decision, we began to dig deep into the wide, often dangerous world of non-traditional investments.  We uncovered a wide variety of opportunities, not all of them are right for everyone, but many offer an opportunity to not only diversify their holdings, as everyone should do but to discover the investments the elite had been using for years, sometimes generations, to maintain and increase their wealth.

Our desire to give everyone the same opportunities, no matter race, creed or station in life.  Because of technology, everyone, with a little effort, can open wide the doors of opportunity.

If you hear of an investment opportunity not already mentioned on our site, we